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All -

Eve Maler wrote:
> Bingo...  I have been advocating that mailing-list-only participation
> become more of a first-class citizen than it currently is.  Kantara's
> V1 governance rules have been extraordinarily successful in generating
> a lot of great work efforts in record time, but a few things still
> need to be debugged in them (IMHO).  As your rep on the Leadership
> Council, I'll be working to make this situation better while attending
> the LC meetings in Las Vegas.
> Regarding the recording rules, I think you'll find some kindred
> spirits among our group participants, but there were some
> good/interesting rationales for them.  We seem to be missing a written
> bit of guidance on this, so I'll ask Trent if he can scrounge it up
> with his LC Chair hat on (knowing that he's one of the kindred spirits!).
WRT recording calls...

For background, we started recording meetings as an easy way to allow
time-shifted (albeit one-way) participation on calls and to facilitate
accurate minute capturing.  Unfortunately, however, when the Board of
Trustees discussed the topic of recording meetings, here's what they

> Colleagues,
> There was an action item taken to investigate Counsel's opinion on
> recording teleconferences.
> Counsel's opinion was (essentially) that, if it were done, recordings
> should only be permitted for the purpose of assisting in the creation
> of meeting minutes and that there would need to be very strong
> policies and procedures in place to ensure strictly controlled access
> and proper deletion once the written minutes were approved.
> Given that:
> - We have had no issues with written minutes over the past years in
> Liberty or Concordia
> - The same people are taking the minutes today and are doing an
> excellent job
> - The procedures for controlled access and destruction would be
> burdensome,  especially in that they are the opposite of all other
> 'open' policies that KI has instituted
> - The only purpose is to aid the minute-takers
> - There is ample opportunity under Robert's Rules to correct the
> minutes before approval
> - There are members who strongly object to recordings of any kind
> because there is the risk of corporate liability and comments being
> taken out of context
> - We have an open policy whereby anyone can listen to the actual
> meeting versus the recording
> ... the Officers recommend that the KI policy is that we not record
> meetings.

With that, someone in the Leadership Council was supposed to write up a
policy to that effect and circulate it to the chairs.  Since we have no
recording of the call on which it was decided who would take that action
item, I'm not sure who dropped the ball.  ;)

Anyway, as it stands now, the BoT has asked us not to record meetings.

Sorry about that,

>     Eve
> On 3 Sep 2009, at 11:35 AM, Christian Scholz wrote:
>> Am 03.09.2009 um 20:24 schrieb Eve Maler:
>>> We have a way of doing approximately that, by my making some people
>>> non-voting if they haven't attended two consecutive meetings.  In
>>> this case, since I started the ballot with all participants having
>>> voting status, I made the problem harder!  But now I'm better
>>> informed about the rules, and in future will be aggressive about
>>> doing the non-voting trick.  So, my apologies for having done things
>>> non-optimally.
>> But does that mean in turn that you'd better attend the telcos if you
>> want to keep your voting status? So a mailing list only participation
>> wouldn't work?
>> Or could you abstain all the time then?
>> (now a recording would help here of course and I would very much like
>> it to have one for transparency reasons. If some companies cannot
>> copy with that they apparently have to change ;-) )
>> -- Christian
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