[Wg-uma] Agenda for UMA telecon 2009-08-03

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Tue Sep 1 17:44:43 PDT 2009

Note that I kept the existing dial-in information.  You may want to  
try dialing in a little bit before the hour, since I have a sneaking  
suspicion that some of our problems are caused by congestion at the  
top of the hour.

As soon as possible, I hope to see (and contribute) more scenarios for  
consideration on Thursday...


Date and Time
Day: Thursday, 3 Sep 2009
Time: 9-10am PDT | 12noon-1pm EDT | 16:00-17:00 UTC (time chart)
Dial-In: +1-218-862-7200
Code: 987-632 (do not press #)
Roll call
Status of the August minutes ballots, and what "non-voting"  
participation means
Action item review
2009-08-27-1	 Eve	 Open	 Investigate donations of properly working  
telecon bridges for the future.
2009-08-27-3	 Eve	 Open	 Set up electronic ballot for Calendar scenario.
2009-08-27-4	 Hasan	 Open	 Derive and document proposed requirements  
from the Calendar scenario.
2009-08-27-5	 Christian	 Open	 Revise distributed social networks  
2009-08-27-6	 Hasan	 Open	 Revise the wiki document to incorporate all  
scenario revisions proposed by people in email.
2009-08-27-7	 Everyone	 Open	 Submit new scenarios by next Tuesday so  
we have time to read them before next week's meeting.
Drill down on prototype/validator coding budget request
Terminology: can we identify a winning set?
Discuss use cases

Eve Maler
eve at xmlgrrl.com

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