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This is getting close.

I like User, especially as it is in sync with both UMA and UD-VPI names.

I also like all of the other components as "services". The Client 
Service term might be improved, but I think it clarifies that the we 
don't mean the client software (user-agent) or a more traditional client 
in a client/server sense.  Most importantly, I think "services" as a 
common referent in 2,3, and 4, distinguishes them from the live person 
of the user.

However, I think #3 "responder service" doesn't quite capture the 
essence. That service isn't defined by the fact that it responds. All 
interactive services do respond to input. It's the nature of interactivity.

Rather, I think the #3 service as more of a data host or data provider. 
It is where the data lives that is being authorized for and accessed 
through UMA. It is the source of the shared information.

My own jargon would suggest "Datastore Service", but that may be too 
jargony. =)

How about Data Service? Or Data Hosting Service? Or Hosting Service?

On 9/1/2009 12:35 AM, Diego R. Lopez wrote:
> Hi,
> On 1 Sep 2009, at 03:15, Eve Maler wrote:
>> What about the following as "clean" set of terms (that still has
>> unique abbreviations)?
>> 1: User (U)
>> 2. Authorization Service (A)
>> 3. Responder Service (R)
>> 4. Client Service (C)
> I've been lurking at this discussion while trying to make a clear
> opinion, but now I must say I like this
> proposal: clean, clear and well aligned with IETF's OAuth...
> Be goode,
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