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Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Thu Oct 1 16:52:45 EDT 2009

As you'll see from the question marks in this thing, it all sort of  
got squishy around the "requesting user".  At the time I wrote this, I  
wasn't yet thinking clearly about the same vs. other distinction when  
it came to the Authorizing vs. Requesting User; both cases need to be  
accounted for.  (Maybe this form of analysis will help Michael in his  

Also, I think the "step 0a/b/c" stuff is now slightly out of sync with  
the "modern" numbering of the ProtectServe steps -- maybe Paul can  
comment on whether that really makes a difference.

But I think this matrix brings home a point about the Consumer  
(Requester) as an actor that's involved much more dynamically and  
tentatively than the others.

Promise not to laugh...


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