[Wg-uma] Welcome! First meeting!

Diego R. Lopez diego.lopez at rediris.es
Thu Jul 30 14:20:20 PDT 2009


On 30 Jul 2009, at 16:42, Eve Maler wrote:
> In the meantime, if would be great if everyone could introduce  
> themselves on the list and say a bit about their interest in the UMA  
> work.

So here we go...

Diego Lopez, responsible for middleware services in the Spanish  
Academic Network, RedIRIS.

We started what I'm rather sure was the first identity federation in  
operation back in 2001 (based on a
homegrown protocol, PAPI, see http://papi.rediris.es/), and currently  
we are offering SIR (http://www.rediris.es/sir/) to our constituency,  
and exploring ways to enhance it. SIR is an identity
hub able to communicate identity data  in as many as different formats  
as possible. In this sense,
the UMA idea (and its current incarnation in ProtectServe) is very  
well aligned with our idea of
user-managed attribute authorities that would provide means to bound  
identifiers (subjectIDs in
SAML jargon, OpenIDs, X.509 DNs...) with attributes, asserted by the  
users themselves or collected
from participating attribute sources.

Apart from that, I am currently charing two groups dedicated to  
academic middleware in Europe
(TF-EMC2 and ECAM), I am member of MACE, and heavily involved in the  
development of middleware
infrastructures for the coming generation of the European academic  
network, GEANT.

Be goode,

"Esta vez no fallaremos, Doctor Infierno"

Dr Diego R. Lopez

Red.es - RedIRIS
The Spanish NREN

e-mail: diego.lopez at rediris.es
jid:        diego.lopez at rediris.es
Tel:    +34 955 056 621
Mobile: +34 669 898 094

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