[Wg-uma] Proposed: Location scenario to replace Photo Set one

Diego R. Lopez diego.lopez at rediris.es
Fri Aug 28 13:54:47 PDT 2009


I fully agree with Iain in that location services are one of the key  
fields to apply the UMA results. Grear
scenario, Eve!

Just let me make a remark about the issue on policy expression from SP  
to AM, in the same direction as my
quote to Maciej comments...

On 27 Aug 2009, at 02:34, Eve Maler wrote:
> Add a note to #Issue: Policies Specific to the Web Resource Type
> Related to: Controlling Two-Way Sharing of Location Information  
> (along with other scenarios)
> (replace the language about the Photo Set scenario with this:) In  
> the Controlling Two-Way Sharing of Location Information scenario,  
> note that FireEagle allows a user to share location only at the city  
> level, and this level happens to be chosen for the connection that  
> authorizes Dopplr to read the FireEagle location (a different level  
> can be chosen for each application that reads location from  
> FireEagle).  As it happens, Dopplr does not offer the same policy  
> capability.  Without having to teach UMA generically about all the  
> possible policy options specific to all the kinds of information in  
> the world, is it possible for each SP to teach each AM about the  
> policy options it offers, in some way that lets the the relationship  
> manager application surrounding the AM present user interface  
> options to see and select these policies?  Seeing may have less  
> protocol impact than selecting, and seems to be a minimum value-add  
> if the goal is to allow OAuth users to get a global view.

As long as this is required to be performed by the AM to a syntax  
level (matching policy identifiers) I see
it as an interesting addition. But we should avoid the temptation of  
going further into making AM
semantic-aware if we want to stick to the KISS principle.

Be goode,
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