[Wg-uma] e-science VO use case (Re: Proposed Use Case writing convention)

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Sat Aug 29 08:21:44 PDT 2009

On 28 Aug 2009, at 4:00 AM, Diego R. Lopez wrote:
> On 26 Aug 2009, at 23:45, Eve Maler wrote:
>> Though I'm not intimately familiar with the VO concept (and  
>> certainly not in the grid context), I've had some conversations  
>> with folks in the last few months that have touched on it, and it  
>> seems somewhat related to scenarios of these sorts:
>> - Small businesses on the web, e.g. permissioning your bookkeeper  
>> to get into your Quicken or TurboTax account to do a limited set of  
>> functions (we might have to defer this due to a real human being  
>> sitting in the "Consumer's" seat??)
> I don't think that's the case. The resources operated by an VO are  
> vastly (if not all) automated services, with the exception of the VO  
> attribute authority itself, that is operated by a human. But in the  
> case of the AA, what the human operator do is, essentially, making a  
> statement like "The user with public identifier X is member of level  
> Y of VO Z". In the scenario I proposed the idea would be to enable  
> VO admins with the possibility of adding a statement like "and more  
> data about this user can be found through attribute stores A, B, C".  
> The VO resources could them be able to collect whatever additional  
> attributes from those sources.

Aha.  In that case, there's someone I need to talk to, to convince  
them to write up their scenario for this!  I finally recalled that  
there's a term "virtual assistant" for what I was describing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_assistant 
  .  So maybe we've got a potential VA scenario that's distinct from a  
VO scenario.

>> - Multi-tenancy hosted (cloud-based) app development, in which you  
>> want to permission *apps* acting on your behalf to access *other  
>> apps* (or datasets) hosted elsewhere -- very OAuth-ish, only the  
>> developer would want to have a central control point for access rules
> Indeed. Clouds and grids have multiple intersection points (I know  
> of several projects about offering
> cloud-like access to grid resources and about building grid  
> interfaces to clouds) and I agree that general authorization models  
> is one of them. Many of what you can apply to cloudy environments is  
> suscrptible of being gridded and viceversa. Do you think that the  
> scenario description would contain a mention to general distributed  
> and/or on-demand computer resources?

This is an excellent idea.  The more realistic we can make it, the  
better.  And if we discover that there are subtleties that call for  
branching out into two or more scenarios, that's fine too.  Can I echo  
Hasan's request for you to add that kind of detail?  Thanks!


Eve Maler
eve at xmlgrrl.com

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