[Wg-uma] An oldie but a goodie: TPSM

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Wed Aug 19 09:09:40 PDT 2009

Since we are tackling an interesting new area (synthesizing web access  
management, user drivenness, etc.) rather than just codifying current  
practice, I thought it would be useful to review Tim Bray's old  
"Technology Predictor Success Matrix":


A spoiler: There's only one strong predictor of success among a few  
weak ones, and that is: hitting the right 80/20 point.  This is why  
scoping is so important, and why I think we need to go through the  
exercise of accepting (or deferring or rejecting) scenarios and use  
cases.  We can document our flights of fancy right alongside immediate  
pain points if we like, and know that they won't be lost; they may  
just be something we're not solving *quite yet*, or not solving *with  
UMA* (vs. some other complementary solution).

There's a significant element of adoption risk in doing something new,  
particularly something with a goal of "Internet scale".  I'm hoping to  
find out just how efficiently and quickly we can test the value of our  
essential proposition, keeping overhead and distractions to a  
minimum.  That's why I'd love to try for a completed scenarios and use  
cases doc and a full (if very much draft) spec by the six-month point,  
to support implementation efforts.  If you see a process improvement  
we can make towards this end, by all means let me know.


Eve Maler
eve at xmlgrrl.com

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