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Hasan Ibne Akram akram.hasan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 05:49:25 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

Late better than never... so, allow me to introduce myself even at the very
last minute before our first meeting.

I am Hasan Akram, Identity researcher at Fraunhofer Institute of Secured
Information Technology (SIT). At the same time I am working as a researcher
at IT Security chair of Technical University of Munich where I work on
applying machine learning in security. So, this double affiliation makes me
some what ambidextrous in a sense that working with identity management
architecture allows me a view from the application layer and when it comes
to machine learning in IT security I deal with much lower level system calls
and traces to classify mal-code and benign code in a smart manner.

As far as my Identity research is concerned (which is more relevant here), I
have been working on designing identity ecosystem architecture with a 'use
case' driven approach, i.e., defining use cases and work toward a technical
solution for that particular use case. I have worked for the EU funded
project HYDRA, where I was solely responsible for architecting the Identity
Management model for a scenario projected to come to reality in 15 years
down the line. Other than HYDRA, which is publicly open, I have mostly
worked on proprietary patented security protocols. So, I am very motivated
and exited about working on an open community driven technology solution
like ProtectServe.

I am really looking forward to working with you guys in UMA and really push
various new aspects of identity management through the group.

Best regards,

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