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Mark Lizar mark.lizar at identitytrustcic.org
Wed Aug 5 04:38:15 PDT 2009

Hello All,

User Managed access is something I have been really interested in for  
some time, I  started with Entrust Technologies working on PKI in 1998  
and from there I kept searching for something that was about enabling  
individual intelligence.  In 2003 I wrote a paper called the Master  
Controller Access Framework (MCAF) basically an adaption of data  
controller speak for the purpose of exploring how people can access  
their own data.  The idea being, that their is a hiearchy with the  
'Master' being the originator of the data have greater rights to  
data.  At the time, the MCAF was developed with another idea called  
Cybercrack, which was, in time (in context) personal information.

The idea of putting both of these together is what attracts me so much  
to this working group.  In 2007 I started my pet project which is a  
community interest company called Identity Trust focused on developing  
internet scalable trust for use with person to organisation  
identities.  Since 2007 the MCAF has changed into Open Social  
Reputation, and Cybercrack has morphed into Volunteered Personal  

At this time, beyond consulting in identity management and social  
media I am completing a MSc in Social Research Methods, I am working  
on research for this dissertation which is s about researching user  
managed access to volunteered personal information in CCTV in the UK.  
I believe this will enable me to get a better picture [pun intended]  
of what the socio-legal side of UMA is. As well as pilot a compliance  
model that can be used to develop UMA with TOSA architectures.

As I am a sociologist I have a grand theory that the more control and  
access a user has to their own information the more intelligent the  
human species will become.

I am interested in developing a UMA use case for CCTV but I am snowed  
under with current research?

Mark Lizar	

PS. I hope to make the call tomorrow but will be flying into Italy an  
hour before and am not sure  I be available.
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