[Wg-uma] Introductions

Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Tue Aug 4 01:28:58 PDT 2009


My name is Christian Scholz, based in Aachen, Germany. I am very much 
interested in the interoperability of social networks and virtual worlds 
based on open standards.

I am also on the board of the DataPortability Project and producing two 
podcasts with some friends about the topic:

  * http://openwebpodcast.de in german and
  * http://datawithoutborders.net in english which is now paused but 
hopefully will be revived soon

Additionally I tend to blog here and there at http://mrtopf.de/blog in 
both german and english

My main use case for distributed social networks is all around the idea 
of a service catalogue, where a user just points to a list of services 
when signing up to a new third party site which then somehow needs to be 
able to access those services without the need to redirect to each of 
them to ask for permission. I hope this working group will work on a 
good solution for that. My goal would be simply to actually not "sign 
up" to each new site or virtual world but simply to "login" without 
prior registration, all your information should be on the network and 
easily accessible in a protected way.



COM.lounge GmbH
Hanbrucher Strasse 33, 52064 Aachen
Amtsgericht Aachen HRB 15170
Geschäftsführer: Dr. Ben Scheffler, Christian Scholz

email: info at comlounge.net
fon: +49-241-4007300
fax: +49-241-97900850

personal email: cs at comlounge.net
personal blog: http://mrtopf.de/blog
personal podcasts: http://openweb-podcast.de, http://datawithoutborders.net

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