[WG-P3] Summary of the Evolving Scope of P3: Immediate call for P3 Membership Action

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Thu May 12 13:32:06 EDT 2011

Thank you Louise,

The IGF would be an incredible opportunity for Kantara to facilitate  
and align efforts with the international community.  I will pass this  
to the appropriate people and put it on the agenda for discussion.

Best Regards / Mark Lizar

On 12 May 2011, at 17:00, Louise Bennett wrote:

> Dear Mark and Kantara members
> The BCS in UK has developed an series of workshops on Identity  
> Assurance – the first was given at Infosec in London in April – The  
> second will be given at EURODIG in Belgrade at the end of May.
> We have put in a proposal to the UN Internet Governance Forum in  
> Nairobi in September to provide a workshop. At present we are doing  
> this with EEMA and EURIM. Would Kantara Initiative be interested in  
> being associated with this workshop as well?
> An overview is as below:
> This proposal is for a workshop covering the balance between privacy  
> and security for online identity. It addresses various debate points  
> that are critical to the success of the Internet as so many aspects  
> rely on the effective registration and authentication of individuals  
> using digital identities.
> It uses a round table or panel debate to solicit discussion on 5  
> sets of questions:
> Citizens Rights & Control of Personal Data:
> Minimising Access & Protecting Privacy:
> Registration Authorities & ID Assurance:
> Rights & Responsibilities of ID Providers:
> Security v. Privacy, The Balancing Act
> The workshop as a round table was presented at InfoSec 2011 where a  
> UK input was sought. It is being presented as a panel discussion at  
> EuroDIG 2011 in Belgrade in May to solicit a European perspective  
> and the intention is to present it at IGF to seek an international  
> perspective. The results and conclusions from the debates will then  
> be published as a report and made freely available.
> I can provide much fuller descriptions if there is interest
> Yours,
> Louise
> Dr Louise Bennett
> louise.bennett at vivasltd.net
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> vivas ltd, 30 Castelnau, SW13 9RU
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> call for P3 Membership Action
> Excellently written Mark
> I'm going to give it another read, and a highly likely +1, knowing  
> that others whose knowledge of the space is much more complete than  
> mine, will find ways to fine tune this or that.
> But I would doubt there will be much to disagree about at the high  
> level.
> Cheers
> Colin
> From: mark at smartspecies.com
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> Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 14:12:43 +0100
> Subject: [WG-P3] Summary of the Evolving Scope of P3: Immediate call  
> for P3 Membership Action
> Dear All,
> As we re-group and re-focus the effort in P3 it is clearly important  
> that we as a group gather and mutually contribute to a clear  
> understanding of where we are and where we would like to go.  With  
> renewed focus made apparent and agreed by all of us we are then able  
> to solicit nominations for a Co-Chair to lead the P3 effort for the  
> next year.  In this context I have endeavoured to write this summary  
> of the evolving scope of P3.
> The scale and the scope of the privacy and public policy issues  
> faced in the privacy an identity management community are now stark  
> as the P3 landscape is evolving dramatically.  P3 has endeavoured to  
> liaise with both the public policy community and the federated  
> identity management community on the technical issues and  
> opportunities for privacy in identity management.
> In the last year the privacy landscape has become much more  
> dynamic.  What has become clear is that a Privacy by Design approach  
> to federated identity management is required that can provide a  
> basis for Kantara efforts to integrate into. The core requirement of  
> privacy in identity management is explicit.  The need to integrate  
> policy with technology has never been more apparent. Challenges  
> posed by globalisation of data flows and different privacy regimes  
> are brining recognition for the need for a common, global approach  
> to assuring privacy in identity management.   Nothing less than a  
> privacy by design approach will be sufficient to engage in the  
> emerging trust landscape of Identity Management.
> In addition to seeking a global privacy assurance certification,  
> consideration in P3 also needs to be given to ways to improve  
> current co-ordination among the increasing number of regional and  
> international fora for addressing privacy issues and enhancing multi- 
> stakeholder participation. This is an iterative and long term effort  
> that requires an active P3 role which will require resources,  
> participation and co-ordinated commitment from other WG in  
> Kantara.   Something which must be facilitated by a clear P3 scope  
> and PF effort.
> A clear call to the international standards community has been made  
> by the OECD for identity management efforts to facilitate the  
> minimising of jurisdictional and territorial differences globally  
> operating organisations face. Enterprise, the OECD explains, "are  
> not always be able, or willing, to tailor their service offerings to  
> meet the specific needs of smaller jurisdictions. Individuals expect  
> privacy protection wherever they are. The issue of reducing global  
> compliance challenges facing businesses while ensuring more  
> effective data privacy protection is at the forefront" (OECD, 2011)   
> of what the market is demanding at this time.
> Credentials integrated with privacy designed policy has the  
> potential to provide a legitimate foundation for the global  
> management of privacy for all stakeholders.  A new international  
> effort into the use of the Accountability Principle is currently  
> underway in the international policy community and is directed at  
> making much more accountable the participation in Safe Harbour  
> Agreement and those Enterprises bounded by Binding Corporate Rules  
> (BCR) in order to assure the privacy of international data flows.    
> The Accountability "principle will explicitly require data  
> controllers to implement appropriate and effective measures to put  
> into effect the legal principles and obligations and demonstrate  
> this to the supervisory authority upon request." (OECD, 2011)  We  
> are seeing signs of this APEC/CIPL driven regulation emerging  
> already in the European Community, as well as in the United States.
> As P3 is in a unique position to liaise with the Identity Management  
> community and the International Policy community we are in an  
> opportune position to understand the privacy gap and the opportunity  
> this gap provides for Kantara.
> As such, I propose that we evolve further and make crystal clear the  
> scope and focus of the P3 effort to address this gap and attract the  
> resources, membership, and leadership to drive this P3 initiative  
> forward.
> For all those in favour of an evolved scope for P3 please contribute  
> a +1 and where possible provide suggestions and further  
> clarification on how we can move forward from here.  For the next  
> step I will draft proposed topics for discussion to be delivered at  
> the Kantara F2F that includes a scope summary for the Privacy  
> Framework.  Again, as we are clearly at crossroads in P3 the time  
> has come to rally together and as a group contribute (or not) to  
> evolve P3 and direct our efforts.
> Best Regards / Mark Lizar
> Secretary of the Privacy and Public Policy Work Group
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