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	I'm very sorry to hear you're stepping down, though I understand your reasons for needing to do so.


	I would just like to express my thanks for your sterling work for P3WG over the past few years; it was a great pleasure working with you and I can think of many occasions when P3 benefited greatly from your experience and your steadying hand!


	I hope you will be able to keep tracking the group's progress: thanks again for your contribution to its work.





			On Mon, 02 May 2011 12:05 -0500, "j stollman" <stollman.j at gmail.com> wrote:


			It is with regret that I wish to tender my resignation as co-chairman of P3. 


			Unfortunately, the schedule of my current work assignment directly conflicts with P3's meeting times.  I have considered the possibility of trying to change P3's schedule, but the times that work for me would alienate all of our European members.


			I have remained active and will continue to be active in reviewing the various email threads our group has been generating.  And I will continue to contribute as my schedule allows.


			In the mean time, I encourage each of you to consider the opportunity to nominate a successor at our forthcoming P3 telecon this Thursday.


			Thank you for the opportunity to serve.




			Jeff Stollman

			stollman.j at gmail.com

			1 202.683.8699

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