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Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Fri Mar 25 06:09:02 EDT 2011

Dear All,

Minutes are posted here!


Mark Lizar
P3 Secretary

Quorum was not Met.

1.      Roll call

Trent Adams
Gershon Janssen
Mark Lizar
Anna Slomovic

John Bradley
Colin Wallis
Susan Landau
Tom Smedinghoff
Rich Furr

4.      Liaison and  Updates

We had a brief discussion about the privacy scope of various liaison  
efforts including OASIS, ISO 2900 and the IAF discussed comparing  
scope of the various efforts that liaise with P3.

The question was brought forward from the IAWG call  wether or not the  
PF SG is duplicating the scope of the IAWG.  John indicated that this  
is something the new LC Coordination group can look into.

5.      ITAC Presentation Update and Review

The current ITAC presentation is well received by the WG and we are  
going to take this version as a starting point.  Joni to progress

6.    IAF-1800 Document

Topic of IAF-1800 document sent to the list raised a few questions for  
the P3 group.

The first being a shared Health Care Use Case and where the effort may  
The second, whether of not this is something that falls under the PF-SG
Action Item raised to put this on the PF agenda and send a post to  
organizing committee that we are exploring this further and have  
initial support for a Health Care Use Case.

7. AOB

Milestones and PF process questions were raised. We discussed

- Integrating principles in a  coherent order.
- GAPP analysis between the principles and IAF requirements

- Terms and Definitions Analysis
- Actively Drafting from June if resources available

Action Item :   Raise Health Care Use Case exploration to TF  co- 
ordination committee.

Action Item :    Milestones for the PF
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