[WG-P3] Next Privacy and Public Policy work group call: A special working session

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Thu Mar 10 07:37:15 EST 2011

Thank you Susan,

Your comments are timely and useful.

On 10 Mar 2011, at 00:00, Susan Landau wrote:

> On 3/9/11 4:06 PM, Mark Lizar wrote:
>> Greetings All,
>> The Privacy and Public Policy working group of the Kantara  
>> Initiative will hold its next telecom this Thursday (Friday in Asia/ 
>> Pacific).  This will be a special  session to work on a  
>> presentation to the International Technical Advisory Committee  
>> (ITAC) that reports to the OECD, (I believe in June).
> Apologies.  I cannot make the call as it is the same time as the  
> OASIS call.  I will also be missing next week's call due to being on  
> vacation.  I should be able to call in on the 24th.
>> A draft slide deck has been put together as a starting point  
>> (already sent to the list).   The intention of this presentation is  
>> to give ITAC/OECD an understanding of what we are doing and where  
>> this is headed. To create a presentation that is also useful EIC in  
>> Berlin.  The P3 slide deck is expected to take up to 5 slides.
> Some comments on the slide deck since I won't be on the call.
> I appreciate the effort, but I have some trouble with the slides,  
> which have a bit of a vaporware effect on me. My approach tends to  
> be explicit about what is there and what isn't, and would say  
> instead this is what we're trying for, this is how it fits in, this  
> is what we'd like from you (participation).  The current set of  
> slides make it appear that we have more than we do.  That said, I  
> will comment on the slides from where they are, rather than trying  
> to transform into a very different set.
> Slide 5: The second point is a non sequitor.
> Slide 7: Do we really mean the first point on this slide?  Or do we  
> mean enables a trust framework certification mechanism?  In any  
> case, I'm lost here, since this doesn't seem to be about P3WG but  
> about Kantara more generally.
>             Second point on slide: hold who accountable?
> Slide 8: Add: in "privacy" to "profiles."   It would be useful to  
> have a couple of examples here.  I am finding the language  
> sufficiently general as to be completely lost as to what is being  
> presented.  I'm afraid the audience will also be lost.
> Slide 9:  Again, give me some examples.  Otherwise this is slippery  
> and it is hard to know what is meant.
> Slide 10: I would put this ahead of Slide 9.  I would precede it  
> with two examples.
> I hope my comments are useful.  Again my apologies for missing so  
> many calls in a row.
> Best,
> Susan
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