[WG-P3] Next Privacy and Public Policy work group call: A special working session

Susan Landau susan.landau at privacyink.org
Wed Mar 9 19:00:22 EST 2011

On 3/9/11 4:06 PM, Mark Lizar wrote:
> Greetings All,
> The Privacy and Public Policy working group of the Kantara Initiative 
> will hold its next telecom this Thursday (Friday in Asia/Pacific). 
>  This will be a special  session to work on a presentation to the 
> International Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) that reports to the 
> OECD, (I believe in June).
Apologies.  I cannot make the call as it is the same time as the OASIS 
call.  I will also be missing next week's call due to being on 
vacation.  I should be able to call in on the 24th.
> A draft slide deck has been put together as a starting point (already 
> sent to the list).   The intention of this presentation is to give 
> ITAC/OECD an understanding of what we are doing and where this is 
> headed. To create a presentation that is also useful EIC in Berlin. 
>  The P3 slide deck is expected to take up to 5 slides.
Some comments on the slide deck since I won't be on the call.

I appreciate the effort, but I have some trouble with the slides, which 
have a bit of a vaporware effect on me. My approach tends to be explicit 
about what is there and what isn't, and would say instead this is what 
we're trying for, this is how it fits in, this is what we'd like from 
you (participation).  The current set of slides make it appear that we 
have more than we do.  That said, I will comment on the slides from 
where they are, rather than trying to transform into a very different set.

Slide 5: The second point is a non sequitor.

Slide 7: Do we really mean the first point on this slide?  Or do we mean 
enables a trust framework certification mechanism?  In any case, I'm 
lost here, since this doesn't seem to be about P3WG but about Kantara 
more generally.
             Second point on slide: hold who accountable?

Slide 8: Add: in "privacy" to "profiles."   It would be useful to have a 
couple of examples here.  I am finding the language sufficiently general 
as to be completely lost as to what is being presented.  I'm afraid the 
audience will also be lost.

Slide 9:  Again, give me some examples.  Otherwise this is slippery and 
it is hard to know what is meant.

Slide 10: I would put this ahead of Slide 9.  I would precede it with 
two examples.

I hope my comments are useful.  Again my apologies for missing so many 
calls in a row.


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