[WG-P3] Summary of P3 Information and presentations for developing this years P3 presentation

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Thu Mar 3 10:21:23 EST 2011

Hi All,

I had an action item to collate possible presentation materials for P3.

The Charter is a great place to start. Currently the Charter indicates  
that we are focusing on:
Become an active convening authority for privacy and public policy  
work - including productive engagement with the CPO, policymaker,  
regulatory and adoption communities.
Liaise and work with other Kantara groups to represent the privacy and  
public policy perspective, and to serve as an ongoing point of  
reference for privacy/policy-related questions.
Lead work to define and develop Privacy Management and Privacy  
Assurance deliverables which complement Kantara's initiatives in  
Identity Assurance and Identity Governance.
Liaise and work with projects and organisations outside Kantara to  
further the same objectives
That we will endeavour to contribute to White Papers and Framework  
Documents such as:
Privacy Guidance Document to bridge the gap between CPO, technical and  
policymaker communities;
Privacy Management Framework, as a preparatory step towards
Privacy Assurance Framework;
Repository of Summit Reports from face-to-face discussion, advisory  
meetings, etc.

Existing presentation materials are updated and can be found now on  
the P3 Wiki.


Additional materials submitted for P3 that can be useful for  
developing presentations are:


Best Regards,
Mark Lizar
P3 Secretary

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