[WG-P3] Privacy Framework Update and Call for Participation in Privacy Principle Analysis

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Wed Mar 2 10:27:12 EST 2011

Hello All,

For those who were not on the call last week we have moved forward to  
start analysis of privacy principles in relation to the development of  
a trust framework.

We decided on the last call to review  privacy principles in the  
context of credential management by service parties and relying  
parties in federated identity management.

So far we have some volunteers to review some of the principles.   We  
are now looking for volunteers to analyse/summaries  the remaining  
principles in the context of a trust framework.

   As a privacy framework is a critical component of trust framework  
P3 and SG-PF are calling on people who intend to participate to step  
forward and put some effort into the analysis needed to build privacy  
into the core of a Trust Framework.  If you are able to volunteer  
please select one of the following and email me your choice.

> Remaining principles to be researched:
> collection limitations
> disclosure
> access and correction
> safeguards
> enforcement
> accountability
> openness
> prevention of harm

To help people get started Anna S has created a privacy principle  
template and the ISTPA document provides a comparative analysis of  
these principles already to get people stated from the same place.   
What is required is the further analysis of these principles and how  
they may be useful for building a privacy framework.

Here is a link to the template, . I have uploaded it on the WIKI, as  
well I have added one addition section to the template.

- Analysis of Principle and its relevance to Trust Framework

Here a link to the ISTPA - Operational Analysis of Privacy Principles  

TIP: Just type your principle into the search box in the pdf reader  
and most of the information you need will easily be found in this  
document.   If anyone has any questions or comments please email me or  
the list.

Mark Lizar
P3 Secretary

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