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My apologies for my prolonged disappearance.  I will remain out-of-touch for
another six weeks or so.  Currently in Sydney and soon in Indonesia, I will
not be available to pursue the consulting opportunity below.  Perhaps this
would be of interest to one of you.


Seeking Experts for Phone Consult re: Confidential Information Leak
Zintro (www.zintro.com<http://email.zintro.com/wf/click?c=QnMaPMRhO2oMCCuxvDRGgVbW0EwWgvzeMjoNNZgTA2M%3D&rp=D05MPl0E%2BiVYWlX3IgxKfnITFXEm4fFtZ7RBJBiZ82po6tJS0OUhNQIodOWPMjFA&up=bp%2FP9oLh1Mnlwk%2Borhap5nWGaR475g183jJGdNduOrs%3D&u=VLVJhaXsRlKFQoCUBOCvGA%2Fh0>)
connects Clients (expert-seekers) with Experts. A Zintro Client is currently
seeking Experts re: Confidential Information Leak.

*Description:* Expert in damages for release of confidential information in
a quasi banking context. The information implicates a very well know
individual in the business community world wide who has taught in one of the
premier graduate MBA programs in the USA. He is also an officer/diirector of
a publicly traded corporation and the disclosure could harm his ability to
raise funds and manage the corporation.

*Areas of Expertise:* Seeking Experts with knowledge of Confidential
Information Leak; Data Privacy; Confidential Information

*Zintro Client:* Law Firm - - Lawyer

*Fee Offered:* Not Specified (The sole purpose of this call is to qualify
Expert for a longer project)

*Reason no fee was offered:* I need to know whether the expert is qualified
in this area and what his/her fees will be if retained.

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for making referrals, follow the link above to go into the Inquiry and click
on the "Refer" button at the bottom of the Inquiry.

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Jeff Stollman
stollman.j at gmail.com
1 202.683.8699
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