[WG-P3] Comments on NIST SP 800-53, Appendix J

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A very good approach and SAFE-BioPharma wholeheartedly supports and, if acceptable to the group, will mirror, but not copy the P3WG input.  The more input along the same lines the better.

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Subject: [WG-P3] Comments on NIST SP 800-53, Appendix J


As we discussed on Thursday’s call, P3WG would like to submit comments on NIST SP 800-53, Appendix J, Privacy Control Catalog. We had general agreement on the call that P3WG supports the controls proposed in the Appendix. It would be helpful to NIST to receive supporting comments as part of the public record because they are required by US law to read and take into consideration all comments submitted by the public.

We (P3WG) will pull together a document that provides information about Kantara and describes our interest in the Appendix. We agreed that the substantive comments would include three parts:

1.       Support because the proposed controls are consistent with the requirements of the US Federal Privacy Profile, which will ease the use of federated credential for access to US federal government applications (Anna to draft a paragraph)

2.       Support because the proposed controls will improve interoperability for credentials used in the US and EU (Mark Lizar to review the Appendix vs. EU requirements and draft a paragraph)

3.       Support because the proposed controls will improve interoperability for credentials used in the US and Canada (Hedy Kirkby to review the Appendix vs. PIPEDA and draft a paragraph)

I hope that we can have a draft by the next meeting for review by the whole group.

Just FYI, although the comments to NIST are due by September 2, 2011, the final version of the document is scheduled to be published as part of the larger revision of NIST SP 800-53 in December 2011.

Thanks for your help and input on this.


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