[WG-P3] P3PWG position regards KI subscription/participation in NAPSO ID-V

Colin Wallis colin_wallis at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 29 23:59:47 EDT 2010

Greetings all

Sending this on Abbie's behalf as he is traveling. Apologies that I did not get this out earlier, and it has already been raised on the Leadership Council call a few hours ago.

You'll recall that several weeks ago P3WG resolved to support a proposal for KI to pay the $3K fee and actively contribute to the ID-V work. Abbie offered to do this as he was attending anyway via his employer.  This proposal was socialised at the LC resulting in Abbie and I being given an action to formally propose it. Abbie approached me yesterday evening to say that after consideration he must withdraw from his involvement in this proposal because there is the potential that at some future stage his employer may direct his efforts elsewhere. This may leave KI in an awkward position, having paid $ to contribute but not necessarily able to.  The potential of this issue has been brought into particular focus given recent events around ISO 29190 editorship continuance.  

Abbie asks that P3WG be made aware of this development and to have the opportunity to replace him on the same terms.  There was no additional motivation when this was discussed some 3 weeks or so ago, but it is appropriate to ask again. But assuming that it is still the case, Abbie suggests that P3WG throws its support behind the alternative Pinhero/Wallis interim proposal - that of a no fee 'monitor and report' approach probably via the goodwill of Dan Combs.  

If you have comments or suggestions on an alternative path can you please advise them by return.

In the event we don't have any, say by next week's call, can I take it that you are OK to now support the alternative proposal?, in which case Bob P and I will begin to formalise that.

PS: Abbie has said, that as an individual, and failing any other takers from the P3WG, he is prepared to lead the editing effort if ISO's impending call for replacement editors for 29190 turns up no-one.   

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