[WG-P3] Submitting Proposed Privacy Framework

J. Trent Adams jtrentadams at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 07:26:51 EDT 2010

All -

Please accept the first draft of a "Proposed Privacy Framework" produced
by the Privacy Framework subcommittee for consideration by the P3WG body
of the whole on next steps.


Thanks to the members of the subcommittee for their hard work helping to
pull this together: Robin Wilton, Colin Soutar, Mark Lizar, and
Christine Runnegar.  While the document is far from complete, they all
helped to explore the options and flesh out the details in a way that we
can now have an effective conversation about the proposed approach.  It
should also be noted that there may be points still to be debated by
these contributors, so this draft should not be assumed to represent
their full consensus.

At this point, the subcommittee would like to receive input regarding
what the P3WG would like to do with this work.  If the group feels the
approach described in the document is valuable, we need to explore how
to continue fleshing out this initial draft and where we may want to
take it.  Identifying additional participants interested in contributing
will also be important to keep the work alive.

Perhaps we can spend time discussing this on the next scheduled


J. Trent Adams

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