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Sorry about the delay. I put together some text that I can use to contact IAPP and others can use to contact other organizations of interest. It combines mission and vision statements from the Kantara page with information from the P3WG page. I can put some intro and signoff info around the core language and go from there.

Please review and let me know what you think.



The vision of the Kantara Initiative is to ensure secure, identity-based, online interactions while preventing misuse of personal information so that networks will become privacy protecting and more natively trustworthy environments. This vision is translated into the mission to foster identity community harmonization, interoperability, innovation, and broad adoption through the development of open identity specifications, operational frameworks, education programs, deployment and usage best practices for privacy-respecting, secure access to online services.

Because privacy is a core principle of Kantara work, the Initiative has established a Privacy and Public Policy Work Group. This Work Group is intended to ensure that Kantara contributes to better privacy outcomes for users, data custodians and other stakeholders, by defining privacy-related principles and good practice applicable to a broad range of prevalent technology platforms.

The Work Group's activities include the following:

*         Becoming an active convening authority for identity-related privacy and public policy work - including productive engagement with the CPO, policymaker, regulatory and adoption communities.

*         Liaising and working with other Kantara groups to represent the privacy and public policy perspective, and to serve as an ongoing point of reference for privacy/policy-related questions.

*         Leading work to define and develop Privacy Management and Privacy Assurance deliverables which complement Kantara's initiatives in Identity Assurance and Identity Governance.

*         Liaising and working with projects and organizations outside Kantara to further the same objectives.

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