[WG-P3] I-D - Draft Hansen Privacy Terminology

susan.landau at privacyink.org susan.landau at privacyink.org
Wed Sep 8 08:15:14 EDT 2010

Mark Lizar wrote:
> I agree, this has  made me think that the distance between this
> language and the one I would use now, is a good example of the scope
> of public privacy issues that need to be addressed.
> Although I have little in the way of ideas of a good example off the
> top of my head I imagine one that includes control and access to
> identity as well as the
>> crypto world of the 1990
> I would like to see your further comments.

I haven't made further comments, as it seems as the IETF is already
receiving comments along the lines I posted earlier.  However, the point
is that Hansen et al. are looking at adversary attacks done in isolation,
without additional information from outside.  But there is much recent
work on how comparing two networks with anonymized information and some
small amount of overlap between the networks allows a remarkable amount of
deanonymizing.  Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly Shmatikov are two people with
results in this area, but there are others as well.


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