[WG-P3] Call for Votes: Privacy Statement for the IGF - NEW MOTION

J. Trent Adams jtrentadams at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 11:34:11 EDT 2010

Mark -

"YES" on the new motion.


Mark Lizar wrote:
> New MOTION: To submit a previous version of this  statement regarding
> the future of
> privacy for inclusion in the "Future of Privacy Workshop" at the 2010
> Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Vilnius, Lithuania:
> -----
> The Kantara Initiative Privacy&  Public Policy Work Group (P3WG)
> believes that it is important to support the open development of
> globally-applicable privacy standards, both technical and regulatory, in
> order to continue having confidence in the Internet ecosystem.  To do
> so, the P3WG actively engages with individuals, enterprises,
> policymakers,
> regulators and adoption communities on best practices and common
> solutions.  Fundamental to effective privacy are transparent
> architectures that secure
> private information and enable information-sharing in a secure,
> privacy-enhancing manner.  Only by multi-stakeholder collaboration will
> viable solutions emerge, be deployed, and maintained.
> ----
>>> Your voting options:
>>>  A. Reply with any discussion on this motion prior to voting.
>>>      NOTE: Suggested edits to this statement will require a
>>>      restart of this voting process.
>>>  B. Reply to this message with "YES" if you support submitting
>>>      this statement as written.
>>>  C. Reply to this message with "NO" if you do not support
>>>      submitting this statement as written.  Also, please include
>>>      your rationale for a "NO" vote.
>>>  D. Reply to this message with an "ABSTAIN" if you abstain.
>>> The deadline for voting is Friday, September 10 at 23:59 UTC.
>>> This vote requires a Simple Majority to pass (i.e. more than 50% of
>>> votes received - excluding abstentions).

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