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Just returning from a trip back East US and catching up with mail.  Thanks
for the notes Robin and Patrick.  I look forward to hearing further updates
and hope the IMSPG can meet soon.  Patrick thank you for ensuring the KI
mention and context in your reports. Please feel free to share any drafts if
you'd like us to have a look for input and to be sure we're aligned.

Cheers - Joni

On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 4:33 AM, Patrick Curry <
patrick.curry at federatedbusiness.org> wrote:

>  Robin,
> Thanks for your email.  As you say, the situation on UK citizen ID
> (cancellation of the ID Card programme and eventual repeal of the ID Card
> Act, and cancellation of participation in the EAC (Extended Access Control)
> Biometric Passports) is in turmoil and affecting sensible discussion of the
> wider identity and authentication issues.  The future for those government
> folks involved in citizen ID is uncertain.  With the repeal of the ID Card
> Act, the focus is likely to move from the Identity & Passport Service (IPS),
> perhaps to the new Office Cyber Security (OCS), which has a strong link to
> the US OCS.
> All,
> That said, the UK Government is now having to face up to real
> authentication challenges.  The main initiative is the ICT Strategy for
> shared services across government departments, local government and
> extending to suppliers – the driver is saving money.  Authentication and
> federation are considered a “key dependency” and solutions are being
> considered for implementation this year.  This is a huge challenge and we
> expect a broker and a PKI bridge to result eventually.  The government
> leaders are implementations in health, defence and police departments.
> BBFA is co-authoring the briefing material on ID Governance for Parliament
> and the new MPs.  We will ensure that Kantara is mentioned well.
> In addition to engaging with 4 other government committees, BBFA has been
> asked to present to the IMSPG (per Robin’s email below), and now to write a
> brief for the IMSPG and its Chair, Duncan Hine (IPS).  Our dialogue with
> Duncan’s team continues.  We will give you an update shortly.
> If anyone has questions, I will try to answer them.
> Regards,
> Patrick
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> > Subject: UK Govt - IMSPG meeting postponed...
> >
> > Folks,
> >
> > As you are probably aware, for some months now I have had an invitation
> > to speak to the UK Central Govt group on IDM Standards Policy (IMSPG),
> > who normally meet once a quarter. I was due to speak to them about
> > Kantara on Feb 22nd, but that was put back until May 25th.
> >
> > Regrettably, as a consequence of the recent election and subsequent
> > shake-up of government ID policy, the meeting has been postponed for a
> > second time. This is understandable, in the sense that many of the teams
> > and departments involved with IDM Standards Policy can expect projects
> > to be cancelled and roles to be changed accordingly - they just don't
> > yet know how or when.
> >
> > The group's convener has promised to keep me informed as the various
> > policy and organisational changes work their way through the system, and
> > obviously I will let you know what I hear.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> >
> > Robin

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