[WG-P3] Charter Revision

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Mon May 10 11:49:46 EDT 2010

Hello All,

I have undertaken the task of  cleaning, updating, and stream lining  
the Charter with the intention to better advertise and market the  
activities in the P3 working group.  I have coincided this activity  
with a review of the Work-stream Foci which makes sense as this is  
what is driving P3 outputs.

One ambition I have had while doing this has been  to look at how P3  
can better utilise/facilitate the energy of the KI working groups to  
drive P3 Privacy and Public policy initiatives.

In the As the Project items are dynamic activities that are: in- 
progress, incubating, require a leader, or need funding (and so on) I  
recommend that we separate actual projects/sub-groups from the P3  
Charter, although we can keep a link to a list of projects in the  
Charter so that these can be referred to if desired by a reader.

To start with I have broken the work-stream foci down into 6  
categories and listed the work-stream elements under these categories,  
which I though may be useful/interesting to show, as this is what has  
informed the Charter revision.


Categories	Occurrences
Charter Item	3
Project (sub-group)	4
  KI Focused	7
White Papers	7
Poicy Observatory	5
Liasons	2

KI Focused efforts are efforts that can help drive observatory's,  
liaisons and white-papers.   From a brief look at other working groups  
it seems that the KI WG are working on the cutting edge of Privacy and  
Public Policy issues, which may directly impact the work-stream foci  
that we are developing.

One suggestion might be for us to all collaborate on a survey that can  
be sent to the working groups asking them what the public policy and  
privacy implications are of their work is.  We can also ask if there  
is a whitepaper being planned that addresses privacy and public  
policy, what it is, and what we can do to perhaps help.

I have attached the updated Charter as a word document with changes  
tracked. Please provide additional suggestions, changes, or edits to  
me in this word document with changes tracked and I will put this  
draft charter on the P3 site.

Best Regards,

Mark Lizar

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