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Tue Sep 29 05:02:30 PDT 2009


All of you should have received a personal note from Robin (sent by me)
giving you a choice to be an ACTIVE member of Kantara's Privacy and Public
Policy working group or an OBSERVER.  Of the 40+ members of P3wg, I have
received replies from only 16 of you.  I implore the rest of you to please
respond with your selection.

To recap the differences:

ACTIVE status affords members voting rights.  It also requires regular
participation in all P3wg balloting and either regular attendance on our
weekly telecons or a workaround approved by the P3wg chairman.  (The
workaround is to support those whose schedule conflicts with our scheduled
calls.)  It is our preference that members be ACTIVE, but by no means do we
wish to discourage those who are currently busy or who

OBSERVER members do not have voting rights and to not affect the numbers
needed to achieve quorum.  Without being able to establish quorum, P3wg has
been unable to make decisions.  Removing OBSERVERs from the quorum count
allows the working group to effectively conduct business.  OBSERVERs may
change to voting members either by attending a telecon or by making other
arrangements with the P3wg chair to become active.  OBSERVERs have every
right to contribute to discussions and raise issues.  The OBSERVER role is
established to support:

   1. interested parties who are currently too busy to be active
   2. interested parties who have a particular issue of interest and will
   activate themselves only when that issue arises
   3. interested parties who merely seek to keep tabs on P3wg's activities.

We welcome both ACTIVE and OBSERVER members.

If you have not replied to the previous personal email electing your status
as either ACTIVE or OBSERVER member, please do so now.   This will enable us
to begin working effectively on our next call this Thursday (in Europe,
Africa, and the Americas).

Thank you for your support.

Jeff Stollman
stollman.j at gmail.com
1 202.683.8699
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