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Mon Sep 28 06:01:57 PDT 2009

Fantastic - thanks Iain. By coincidence, I've just finished writing a 
paper on "What's happened to PETs?".

I'm sure we can build a coherent work stream based on these areas of 


Iain Henderson wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> I think the Privacy Module looks fine, but I would also like to see 
> some work being done 'on the individual side', as I think that is 
> where most innovation and some potential breakthroughs are going to 
> happen over the next few years.
> Simplistically you could say this is about Privacy Enhancing 
> Technologies moving to the next level (e.g. selective disclosure via 
> information cards), and moving beyond just technology to include 
> process, policy and commercial model considerations. Clearly Project 
> VRM and the volunteered personal information work are in this space, 
> so i'm happy to contribute in those areas.
> Hope that helps.
> Iain
> On 25 Sep 2009, at 09:01, Robin Wilton wrote:
>> Thanks Colin -
>> I agree: a P3WG analysis of (and comments on) those SC27 WG5 
>> documents would be a win-win;
>> - it would help establish us as a credible, active and visible group 
>> in the broader community;
>> - it would help us avoid re-inventing material for an IAF Privacy 
>> Module, if the work has already been done.
>> Some weeks ago I circulated to P3WG some draft notes on the idea of 
>> the Privacy Module. As the group now has quite a few more members, I 
>> attach a further copy of those notes and would again welcome members' 
>> review and comment. The document is not long - just a couple of pages 
>> and some diagrams - so please, everyone, take a few moments to read 
>> and respond.
>> With best wishes,
>> Robin
>> On Fri, 25 Sep 2009 19:49 +1200, "Colin Wallis" 
>> <colin_wallis at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks Jeff
>>> Certainly 'designed - in' privacy is often talked about a heck of a 
>>> lot harder to do.
>>> There was some work started in Liberty around Privacy assurance - to 
>>> map to the Idebntity assurance Framework which is well on its way to 
>>> wide acceptance.
>>> Likewise, privacy needs to be designed into architectures. I'm on 
>>> the ISO SC27 WG5 which has both the Privacy Framework (29100) and 
>>> Privacy Reference Architecture (29101) under its wing.  While the 
>>> former is through to 1st CD constributions for both are thin on the 
>>> ground.  This group could do worse than make a major effort to 
>>> submit comments to those  (hopefully with everyone having a broadly 
>>> aligned view of the approach). Then you have taken the high ground.
>>> Cheers
>>> Colin
>>> (observer)
>>> Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 13:47:15 -0400
>>> From: stollman.j at gmail.com
>>> To: wg-p3 at kantarainitiative.org
>>> Subject: [Wg-p3] P3 Call to Action: Strategic Focus
>>> All,
>>> At this week's telecon, Susan Landau made the insightful observation 
>>> that as P3 bootstraps itself into operation, we have focused 
>>> primarily on tactical reaction to government actions (primarily in 
>>> the US).  We have not established our own strategic agenda.
>>> In order to transform ourselves from tactical fire-fighting to a 
>>> respected leadership force in Privacy, we need to formulate our 
>>> strategic agenda.
>>> This will be a key topic on our next call (next Thursday 01 OCT). To 
>>> get the most out of that discussion I believe it would be best to 
>>> begin the discussion in advance.  I invite all members (active and 
>>> observer) to submit your thoughts and goals via email through the 
>>> P3wg distribution list <wg-p3 at kantarainitiative.org> and initiate 
>>> discussions.
>>> Thank you for your participation.
>>> Jeff
>>> Acting Vice-chairman, Privacy and Public Policy working group
>>> -- 
>>> Jeff Stollman
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>>> 1 202.683.8699
>>> Find someone to snuggle up with Brrr... its getting cold out there
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