[Wg-p3] TWO BALLOTS FOR P3WG VOTE: Vote closes Sept. 16, 2009, at 23:00 UTC

Susan Landau Susan.Landau at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 15 08:09:11 PDT 2009

Some clarification on the two issues before us:

Several people have written that they are voting No on the second issue 
because they are concerned that submitting our letter to be voted on by 
the entire Kantara Initiative as a possible KI recommendation could 
result in a serious delay the submission of the letter to ICAM.  The 
intent for a recommendation would be to do this *in addition* to the 
submission of the letter as a report by P3-WG.  The report would be sent 
out now (assuming a positive vote to do so); the recommendation would 
follow later, as a response from Kantara itself (and not just the P3 
Working Group).  But the report would not be delayed in going out 
because of a positive vote to send the recommendation out for full 
consideration by all KI members.



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