[Wg-p3] EU Ministerial e-Government conference

Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Sun Sep 13 04:35:56 PDT 2009


I'm delighted to say that I have been invited to the 2009 Ministerial 
e-Government conference in Malmø this November. These conferences, 
organised by the Europan Commission in collaboration with the government 
of the hosting member state, take place every two years and this will be 
the third one I have attended.

The format is this:

- the European Commission and the hosting government endorse the 
conference at a high level (usually the Commissioner for Information 
Society, Viviane Reding, and a senior government representative - in 
Portugal this was the Prime Minister);

- ministers responsible for e-government policy and initiatives in their 
respective countries meet, and draft a statement setting the policy 
context for e-government over the coming years (for instance, 4 years 
ago in Manchester they highlighted the need for secure electronic 
authentication means for citizens to access e-government services);

- there are multiple conference tracks, and a showcase for e-government 
projects (usually with some awards as well).

So far, I've found it to be unparallelled as a networking opportunity, 
and also as a means of getting an up-to-date picture of both policy and 
deployment in this area. I'm sure this year will be no exception. I'll 
aim to produce a few slides summarising contacts/news and use these to 
brief P3WG after the event.

Best wishes,

Robin Wilton
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