[Wg-p3] P3WG response to USG ICAM team

Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Sun Sep 13 03:12:42 PDT 2009

Folks -

I've just returned from vacation and had a quick initial review of the 
draft letter from P3WG to the ICAM team (plus the associated procedural 
email traffic).

While I hope to have the opportunity to do so face to face next week, I 
just wanted to say a quick word of thanks to several people for all 
their work on this in my absence:

- Susan Landau, Jeff Stollman for doing the bulk of the work to craft 
the letter;
- Bob Pinheiro, Ian Glazer, Rich Furr, Paul Madsen and others who have 
helped add the richness of expertise which is Kantara's forte;
- Jeff Stollman (again), Brett McDowell and Britta Glade for shepherding 
this through the nascent Kantara processes...

I think what we have ended up with is a mature, balanced and above all 
constructive comment on the ICAM plans. It reflects well on us as a 
community, and deserves to prompt a serious, positive reaction from the 
target audience. I am very pleased to commend it to the other Kantara 
WGs and hope they will be as happy to add their support.

As a first 'public' piece of output from the P3 Work Group, I know this 
has had the occasional hiccup, but I'm confident that we will go on from 
strength to strength...

Well done, and thanks again.

Robin Wilton
P3WG Chairman
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