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Here is my record of the minutes from our last telecon:  03 SEP 2009.

Please let me know if there are any additions or corrections.

  US/Canada toll-free number:  1.866.305.1460
    * Direct dial (toll) number: +1.416.620.1296
    * Attendee Code: 9247530

As the chairperson, press the * key, and
enter your passcode:  1512

Attendees:  Jeff Stollman, Brett McDowell, Susan Landau, Rich Furr, Trent
Adams, Colin Soutar, Randy van der Hoff, Mark Lizar (had trouble connecting
to the call)

Regrets: Iain Henderson, Robin Wilton,

1.       Reschedule next call when Robin will be flying home from Vegas.

a.       We decided to go with Friday 18th, 08:00 PDT  (16:00 BST) in order
to obtain full feedback from Robin on activities in Las Vegas

b.      NEXT MEETING:  Friday 18 SEP 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET / 16:00 BT


1.       US/Canada toll-free number:  1.866.305.1460

2.       Direct dial (toll) number: +1.416.620.1296

                                                             ii.      Attendee
Code: 9247530

2.       Collaboration site URL (Randy van der Hoof)

a.       Randy tabled his presentation until the next call;

b.      Brett recommends we coordinate use of any collaboration site with
Joni Brennan (staff at KantaraInitive.org)

3.       Quorum problem;

a.       Brett:  Make sure Robin understands with 42 signed up members, we
need 21 people to have a quorum to take a position on anything during the

b.      We can always hold an electronic ballot in order to obtain the
participation necessary to pass something

4.       GSA ICAM feedback letter (Brett McDowell/Susan Landau) ( RW note)

a.       Process

                                                               i.      Brett
summarized process options in his email of this morning (a recommendation
will take several weeks for all-member ballot)

1.       Recommendation process

a.       Work group approves draft recommendation

b.      45 days required for comment on draft recommendation,

c.       Then,  LC reviews document to ensure it is within charter

d.      Then, all-member Ballot requires 7 days

2.       Report process

a.       Report requires only work group approval, but cannot  use Kantara

                                                             ii.      Susan
recommends report now and concurrent pursuit of draft recommendation for
later submission

                                                            iii.      Susan
recommends two ballot items:

1.       report vs. recommendation

2.       if we decide to move forward rapidly with a report, pursue
recommendation, as well

b.      Document Content

                                                               i.      Brett
Noted that his comments on the document itself reflect his personal views,
based on his experience as liaison to ICAM

1.       ICAM includes only LoA 1-3 (without PKI)

2.       Susan & Rich:  Don’t think that we should suggest this scope
limitation in and of itself could lead to sub-optimization by excluding LoA
3 (with PKI) and LoA 4.  It will dilute our message with content this is not
actionable by ICAM.

                                                             ii.      Susan
comfortable with Brett’s changes

                                                            iii.      Rich
will submit some corrections to Susan to address Brett’s comments.

                                                           iv.      Susan
will issue post one more version of the document and then we will submit it
for ballot among P3wg members

                                                             v.      Send
ballot text to Staff at KantaraInitiative.org

c.       Socialization of Document

                                                               i.      Rich
Furr favors sharing it with IA and soliciting their comments

                                                             ii.      Rich
also recommends sharing it with Health Information, Consumer Identity,

                                                            iii.      Brett:
Founders foresaw possibility that different groups might have different
opinions.  Should other groups disagree with our position in the ICAM
response, that does not preclude us from submitting it as a Report.

                                                           iv.      Group
seems to favor sharing, but concerned about delay.

                                                             v.      Brett:
we could send it out and welcome other groups to sign on as a group if they
support our position, rather than continuing to massage the text and further
delay our response.

                                                           vi.      (Of
course, people could join our group in order to vote (subject to signing the
P3wg IPR))

5.       Comparison of US/UK LoA (Patrick Curry)

a.       Tabled to next call because Patrick was unavailable

6.       Broadening P3-wg participation

a.       Participants (with Robin gone, no action was reported on engaging
the following)

                                                               i.       Judy

                                                             ii.      Dave

                                                            iii.      EU

                                                           iv.      UK
Information Commissioner's Office (RW task?)

                                                             v.      other
suitable EU candidates (e.g. from PrimeLife or other projects)

                                                           vi.      Paul
Hasson (CPO - US Visit) (RW task)

b.      Brett recommends inviting the following people from ICAM meeting and
offered to invite them on our behalf:

                                                               i.      Deborah
Diener, US Internal Revenue Service

                                                             ii.      Dawn
Wiggins, US Social Security Administration

                                                            iii.      Naomi
Lefkovitz, US Federal Trade Commission

                                                           iv.      Jim

c.       Susan recommended Brett invite the following (she will send Brett
their contact info):

                                                               i.      Lee
Tien, ESS

                                                             ii.      Ari

7.       Funding ideas

a.       SmartCard Alliance meeting

                                                               i.      Rich:
Quickly reach out for funding for refreshment; we should get free room

                                                             ii.      Randy
no longer on call to report on  status of getting room and other support
from SmartCard Alliance

8.       Vice-chair & secretary nominations

a.       Jeff:  I have submitted my name for vice-chair

b.      Rich:  Did emails go out soliciting nominations?  If not, they
should be sent out call attendance is small.

                                                               i.      Send
an email out as a “call for leadership” to engage addressees.

9.       Other  (We ran out of time to cover anything else)

10.   ACTIONS:

a.       Brett

                                                               i.      Pursue
the people on this list for P3wg membership (items 6b and 6c above)

b.      Rich

                                                               i.      Send
updated ICAM letter text to Susan

c.       Susan

                                                               i.      Post
finalized draft ICAM letter for review and ballot support

d.      Jeff

                                                               i.      Initiate
ballot process for decision on treatment of ICAM letter

letter to other groups in PDF format seeking their sign-on without changes
and inviting comments (to keep us from making a major *faux pas*)

e.      Patrick

                                                               i.      Prepare
to present comparison of UK/US levels of assurance

f.        Randy

                                                               i.      Prepare
report on Prepare report on support obtainable from SmartCard Alliance

g.       Robin

                                                               i.      Send
out emails soliciting leadership support (secretary and other vice-chair

                                                             ii.      Pursue
the contacts he has already agreed to chasing to join P3wg (Item 6a above)

Thank you.


Jeff Stollman
stollman.j at gmail.com
1 202.683.8699
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