[Wg-p3] Kantara Privacy & Public Policy telecon

Susan Landau Susan.Landau at Sun.COM
Wed Sep 2 19:05:30 PDT 2009

j stollman wrote:
>       3.       GSA feedback letter (Susan Landau) ( RW note)
I've attached the most recent copy of the letter.  It is essentially the 
same as the one I sent out last week; the three minor changes are:

o  Added NIST 800-63 to describe the Levels of Assurance (per Paul Madsen);

o Changed users "determine their privacy policies" to users "determine 
their privacy settings' to make it sound less geeky (per Ian Glazer);

o Removed Brett's signature (per Brett).

The latter is something that needs to be discussed, as in, exactly what 
process P3WG will use for getting the letter out.  Brett will be on the 
call and I suspect he will explain the various options (we also need to 
decide if we are happy with the draft or if there are further changes 


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