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and a recommendation to support (in our efforts) the Council of Europe  
law draft recommendation  in regards to 'AUTOMATIC PROCESSING OF  


On 28 Oct 2009, at 19:44, Susan Landau wrote:
> I suggest that a useful way to shift the conversation is ask that  
> prior
> to mass deployment, privacy-invasive technologies (all  
> technologies?) be
> subject to an evaluation of their effectiveness.  This should also be
> done before the scope of the technologies' uses change.

Delaying the time and requiring a standard in adoption is also a great  
strategy for a standard incubating community.

> That has many effects, including raising the cost of the technology  
> (but
> lowering the cost to society if the technology is not actually
> effective) and slowing its deployment, and supporters of new
> technologies will not be happy with such an approach.  But it is also
> hard to argue with.  It is about moving the discussion from, "Yes, of
> course it works" to "It has been subject to a rigorous scientific
> evaluation which showed ..."

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