[Wg-p3] Agenda for next P3 call

Susan Landau Susan.Landau at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 28 15:44:06 EDT 2009

Robin Wilton wrote:
> Many thanks, Jeff -
> Noting item 3 on the agenda, I would be interested to know the Group's 
> views on clauses (7) and (9) of the Madrid Declaration - namely:
>> (7) Urge countries to ensure that individuals are promptly notified 
>> when their personal information is improperly disclosed or used in a 
>> manner inconsistent with its collection;
>> (9) Call for a moratorium on the development or implementation of new 
>> systems of mass surveillance, including facial recognition, whole 
>> body imaging, biometric identifiers, and embedded RFID tags, subject 
>> to a full and transparent evaluation by independent authorities and 
>> democratic debate; 
I suggest that a useful way to shift the conversation is ask that prior 
to mass deployment, privacy-invasive technologies (all technologies?) be 
subject to an evaluation of their effectiveness.  This should also be 
done before the scope of the technologies' uses change.

That has many effects, including raising the cost of the technology (but 
lowering the cost to society if the technology is not actually 
effective) and slowing its deployment, and supporters of new 
technologies will not be happy with such an approach.  But it is also 
hard to argue with.  It is about moving the discussion from, "Yes, of 
course it works" to "It has been subject to a rigorous scientific 
evaluation which showed ..."

So now to respond to your questions:  I agree that (7) seems infeasible, 
as done (9) for the reasons both you and Bob presented.  I realize that 
there is no opportunity to suggest changes, but my comments above are 
the type of arguments I'd like to see us present.




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