[Wg-p3] P3wg Draft Responses to US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

j stollman stollman.j at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 15:17:39 EDT 2009


I have posted draft responses to the FTC's Questions 1 and 3, and posted a
potential summary response to Question 2.  This can be found at the
following link:


I have also initiated Comment threads for each of the three questions.

I consider the this initial posting a straw man to spark enhancement and
feedback.  For Questions 1 and 3, please submit comments as replies to the
comment threads.

For Question 2, I welcome someone else taking an initial stab at posting a
response.  Ideally, please post before next Wednesday so that we have time
to review it before our Thursday call.

Thank you.

Jeff Stollman
stollman.j at gmail.com
1 202.683.8699
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