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Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Sat Aug 29 01:04:31 PDT 2009

Greetings -

As many of you probably know, I am currently engaged by the
Liberty Alliance as its Director of Privacy and Public Policy
(DPP). This is currently a funded, part-time post, paid for out
of Liberty's funds.

One of my tasks as Liberty DPP was to establish the P3 Work Group
in Kantara as Kantara came into being. Another task was to
prepare the way for Kantara itself to have an equivalent, funded
DPP post once Kantara was able to make that kind of funding
decision on its own account.

We have now reached that stage, and I will be submitting a
proposal to the Kantara Board of Trustees for a funded, part-time
post of Kantara DPP. I will also be proposing to the Board that I
take on that post, transferring from Liberty DPP to the
equivalent role in Kantara.

I wanted to be sure that the P3WG is aware of this, because I
want there to be complete transparency concerning the (funded)
duties as DPP, and my existing role as Chair of P3WG - which is
not funded work. In other words, when I'm doing P3WG Chair duties
I don't charge Liberty currently and would not charge Kantara if
I took on the DPP role for them. However, it's also clearly a
possibility that P3WG could generate work items which result in
chargeable DPP tasks - and I want to be sure we have sufficient
accountability to avoid any conflict of interest, either in
appearance or in fact.

Therefore, part of the proposal to the Kantara Board of Trustees
will set out the scope of the P3WG Chairmanship with examples of
non-chargeable tasks, and another part of it will suggest an
accountability and approval mechanism for work which is
undertaken in the role of DPP and is chargeable. In part, this is
likely to mean that some work items are either approved solely by
the Board (and not P3WG), or that we have to seek the Board's
approval before allocating such work to the DPP. I just wanted
you to be aware of the reasoning behind this, and give you the
opportunity to comment and make suggestions.

I hope this meets with your approval -

Best wishes,

Robin Wilton
Robin Wilton

Director, Future Identity
Director of Privacy and Public Policy, Liberty Alliance

+44 (0)705 005 2931
Structured consulting on digital identity, privacy and public policy
Future Identity is a limited company number 6777002, registered in England & Wales

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