[Wg-p3] draft letter to GSA

Susan Landau Susan.Landau at sun.com
Wed Aug 26 05:44:04 PDT 2009

Here is the draft letter that Jeff and I, with some help from Robin, 
prepared to send to GSA/ICAM regarding LoA 1 and privacy.  (I have sent 
it in .odt, since I am an open source person.  It is readable in 
Windows.)  I'm not quite sure of the best way to handle this; I suspect 
comments back and forth between us all is more useful than a group edit.

In writing this, we had several principles we hewed to:

o  Discuss LoA 1 in the context of the systemic security and usability 
for the entire stack of levels of assurance.

o Be specific about privacy issues wrt LoA 1 --- and the full set of 
levels of assurance.

o Do not include any discussion of problems with OpenID and LoA 1.  
While we may see OpenID as inimical to the federal levels of assurance, 
Kantara will want to work with OpenID in the future and including such 
discussion is not useful.

o  Keep the tone gracious, so that the suggestions are palatable to 

o Offer Kantara as an agent to help.

There is a complication, namely that Kantara Board is figuring out to 
handle this.  But we can work on parallel tracks.  So we need to first 
have a draft recommendation/letter out of wg-p3.  Therefore ... comments 
and discussion back and forth on this letter so that we have something 
the group is comfortable with.  If the discussion gets too hot and 
heavy, then we can table til the call next week (but I'm hoping that 
Jeff, Robin, and I sufficiently captured thoughts that we can hammer out 
via email)

Thanks all.


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