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I support your overall concept.  My primary addition would be to specify
that the module have visibility into the Identity Provider's activities on a
"transaction" basis, not merely at a global level.  The difference shows up
in data minimisation when data are provided to Relying Parties.  Different
RPs will have different requirements and the information provided to them
should seek to respond only the the requirements of a particular
transaction, rather than sending out the same blanket response to address
all requests.

Thank you.


On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 11:53 AM, Robin Wilton
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> As per my actions from the previous call, attached is a discussion document
> outlining the concept of a Privacy Assurance Module to complement existing
> Kantara work on Identity Assurance.
> Please give it a quick read - it's only a couple of pages and diagrams.
> - This is a topic close to the Board of Trustees' collective heart; they
> are very interested in anything which would help build on the Identity
> Assurance work and further extend Kantara's capability to add value.
> - It's also something which is very well aligned with P3WG's mission, as it
> sits firmly in the intersection of Privacy and the LoA aspects which, as we
> have seen recently, are so interwoven with public policy.
> Best wishes,
> Robin
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