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Greetings -

Here is a brief summary of the Aug 20th conference call. If you
think there's any discrepancy between the actions I've listed and
the ones you think were discussed, please let me know.

Jeff Stollman has kindly agreed to host the next call, which will
be on Thursday Sept 3rd, usual time and number.

With best wishes,



P3WG call summary, August 20th 2009

Present: Patrick Curry, Susan Landau, Mark Lizar, Georgia Marsh,
Jeff Stollmann, Randy van der Hoof, David Weitzel, Robin Wilton
Apologies: Trent Adams, Brett McDowell
Next call: Thursday September 3rd, 16:00 BST, 17:00 CET, 08:00
PST, 11:00 EST
Jeff Stollman has kindly agreed to run the call in my absence.
Dial-in details:
    *  US/Canada toll-free number:  1.866.305.1460
    * Direct dial (toll) number: +1.416.620.1296
    * Attendee Code: 9247530
    * International toll-free numbers:
          o UK: 0800 917 5847
          o Netherlands: 08002659007
          o Belgium: 080079491
          o Japan: 00531160345
These toll-free numbers are generously provided by BIPAC.
Please note - if you need access from a country not on the list
above, please notify the WG Chair with as much advance notice as
possible: mail at futureidentity dot eu
RW - (1) Re-invited members to submit nominations for the post of
Vice chair (see action 4, below)
PC - Noted the commonality of purpose which exists between much
of P3WG's work and that of the Identity Assurance WG (for
instance, as illustrated by the current discussions about LoA and
public policy). Suggested close liaison with IAWG (Frank
Villavicencio) and Richard Willshire.
Also recommended a clear transatlantic and EU focus for P3WG, on
the basis that the public policy questions in areas such as LoA
are global in nature - for example, inconsistent policies and/or
incompatible govt guidelines just make life harder for industries
such as defence/aerospace, which need to cross borders (and
therefore also policy and regulatory boundaries).
Suggested finding out whether P3WG would be natural addition to
one of ICAM's 6 existing groups, or whether it could be more
useful by delivering the international perspective to their work.
JS - Identified two principal areas of action:
    1 - response to ICAM team following Washington workshop of
Aug 10th.
    2 - broadening the scope of P3WG's participant community (see
action 2 below)
RW - Asked members to consider whether P3WG is likely to wish to
apply to the Kantara Board of Trustees (BoT) for any budget
beyond basic Kantara staff/infrastructure expenditure. One
suggestion was to try and find ways to host a face-to-face with
policymaker outreach goals.
RvdH: Proposed Washington DC Smart Card Alliance meeting (late
October 2009) as a suitable forum for P3WG to run policymaker
engagement workshop.
PC  - proposed a P3WG deliverable which sets out the differences
between UK and US policies on LoA: e.g. the different kinds of
recommendation made in the US MB-04-04 and 800-63 documents and
the corresponding UK Cabinet Office draft.

(1) ICAM response: SL, JS drafting a response, which will then be
circulated to P3WG for comment. Theme is that LoA=1 discussion is
just a starting point for a broader look at the appropriate
matching of technology and policy to all the LoA levels, and
consideration of how to cater for users/applications/services
which cross the boundary between LOA levels. BM to approve letter
before sending under Kantara branding.
    ICAM follow-up: RvdH, RW to investigate Smart Card Alliance
opportunity with a view to proposing to Kantara Board of Trustees
during the plenary meetings.
(2) PC to help P3WG engage with policy-maker community - ONGOING:
    - Judy Spencer
    - Dave Temoshok
    - EU ENISA
    RW    - UK Information Commissioner's Office
    - Identify other suitable EU candidates (e.g. from PrimeLife
or other projects)
(3) RW to invite Paul Hasson (CPO - US Visit) to participate in
P3WG and report status - carried forward.
(4) Call for nominations to the posts of P3WG Vice Chair -
    - First stage: nominations (staff at kantarainitiative dot
    - Second stage: secret ballot to same address
(5) RW to post draft of "Privacy Assurance Module" concept for
Identity Assurance schemes - carried forward.
(6) PC to make an initial evaluation of the US and UK LoA policy
documents with a view to drafting a P3WG 'difference analysis'.
(NB - a suggested first step would be to ask ICAM and UK Cabinet
Office whether there is already such an analysis, and if not
whether there is appetite for one...)
(7) RW to ask Frank Villavicencio at Kantara plenaries about
IAWG's budget plans.
(8) RvdH to provide URL of possible workgroup collaboration
service for e.g. document production.
Document references:
- USG ICAM page, including documents on Trust Framework Providers
and Identity Scheme Adoption
- White House/OMB memorandum M-0404 (Levels of Assurance)
Robin Wilton

Director, Future Identity
Director of Privacy and Public Policy, Liberty Alliance

+44 (0)705 005 2931
Structured consulting on digital identity, privacy and public policy
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