[Wg-p3] draft letter to US ICAM in response to Open Government Identity Management Solutions Privacy Workshop held 10 AUG

Randy Vanderhoof rvanderhoof at smartcardalliance.org
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I apologize in advance if my question seems inappropriate for this
discussion, but I think I am the least "technically informed" person on this


1.       The draft states:

While OpenID v.1 is widely deployed, it does not meet your design principle


What design principle does OpenID v.1 not meet for LOA 1?  This claim needs
to be explained.


2.     The letter does make a strong enough argument for why the LOA1
solution needs to scale up?  Today the LOA3 requires a certificate or token.
The LOA1 solution today which is user name/password does not scale up to
LOA3, so why does LOA1 with OpenID have to be different?


Isolating a particular segment of the system (LoA 1) can only be effectively
undertaken if it can be demonstrated that doing so will not violate any of
the design principles for which the system as a whole is being developed.  




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P3-wg Team,

Attached is a draft of the letter to ICAM that we discussed on today's P3-wg

Please provide your feedback in Revision mode by 0-dark-thirty Sunday
Pacific Time.  I will then attempt to incorporate them into the next draft
and send it out on Monday.

If anyone can fill in the placeholders in blue, please do so.

Thank you.


Jeff Stollman
stollman.j at gmail.com
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