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Thanks Bob -

If you have a link to that Cabinet Office document on LoA, please
can you forward a URL? I have failed to find it on the Cabinet
Office site, despite searching for a while :^(

That said, I am sure that the Cabinet Office strategy is based on
an appreciation of more than one LoA. For instance, for the UK
Government Gateway architecture, I have seen a full 4-layer model
which I am sure corresponds closely to the US one.

However, you raise an entirely legitimate question, of what P3WG
should do about cases where our discussion spans this kind of
boundary and reveals some inconsistency between a model in one
country and another (or one industry and another, or whatever).

I am very reluctant to suggest that we should, in that case,
define a third, "P3WG", model which tries to iron out the
differences: the odds of either of the other parties ditching
their own model and adopting ours would seem negligible. My
favoured approach would be that we

1) write a clear summary of the difference/inconsistency, citing
as appropriate;

2) note what we think are the implications, and - if we can -
suggest how the difference/inconsistency might be resolved.

We need to bear in mind that if that suggestion boils down to
"either or both parties have to change their policies", again, we
are unlikely to have much effect. On the other hand, if we
approach it from the point of view of a stakeholder trying to
comply with both systems (for instance, one of Patrick's defence
contractors which has to operate under the UK and US systems),
and if we can offer them advice about how to manage the "step
up"/"step down" required in either direction, that would be
exactly the kind of thing worth publishing and making available
via our P3WG site for future reference.

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