[Wg-p3] ELECTRONIC BALLOT for position of chair of P3WG--Please cast your vote by Aug. 18

Britta Glade britta at kantarainitiative.org
Wed Aug 12 13:19:37 PDT 2009

Our nomination period has closed, and we are now at the point of officially
electing our chair and must follow the procedures as outlined in our
operating procedures.  Please see the below electronic ballot and respond
accordingly.  Please let me know any questions. Thanks.



Robin Wilton, Future Identity, has been nominated to serve as chair of
the Privacy & Public Policy Work Group.

2. *TERMS*

Per section 2.6 of the Operating Procedures, this vote requires a Simple
Majority vote, or at least 15 affirmative votes, to pass.


Please mark and reply to staff at kantarainitiative.org (or just reply to this
message and I'll receive it).  This ballot will remain open until 5 pm ET on
Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009.

 * *


I cast my ballot as follows regarding the election of Robin Wilton to chair
the Privacy & Public Policy Work Group.

* *


*          ________ YES*

* *

*           ________ NO **

* *

*           ________ ABSTAIN*

* *

** IF NO VOTE, Please include the rationale for your “no vote” to help
facilitate resolution:

5. * **MEMBER NAME:* _______________________________________________

Britta Glade Kantara Initiative 925-254-4233
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