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Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Fri Aug 7 06:23:35 PDT 2009


A brief thought, to give you something to consider over the next
few days...

The US public sector is a massive beast, which contains a huge
number of internal identity/privacy stakeholders and has to
interact with a huge number of external identity/privacy
stakeholders...  However, I am struck by the depth and range of
USG "contact points" which our group represents. Small and new
though it is, our group contains several members whose different
and complementary expertise in this area represents a huge asset.

I think a lot of our success will depend on our ability to make
the most of that expertise, exploiting it in its detail, and
co-ordinating it in its variety.  I would really welcome any
suggestions on light-weight, structured ways to do that... either
via this list, or by direct email contact (futureidentity at
fastmail dot fm)

Best wishes, and have a great weekend,

Robin Wilton

Director, Future Identity
Director of Privacy and Public Policy, Liberty Alliance

+44 (0)705 005 2931
Structured consulting on digital identity, privacy and public policy
Future Identity is a limited company number 6777002, registered in England & Wales

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