[Wg-p3] Minutes of P3WG conf call (23 Jul 2009)

Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Thu Aug 6 06:41:19 PDT 2009


A very belated summary of our previous call; I promise I will do
a better job of distributing the next one promptly.

Next call: Thursday August 6th, 16:00 BST, 17:00 CET, 08:00 PST,
11:00 EST
  * US/Canada toll-free number:  1.866.305.1460
  * Direct dial (toll) number: +1.416.620.1296
  * Attendee Code: 9247530

  * International toll-free numbers:
       + UK: 0800 917 5847
       + Netherlands: 08002659007
       + Belgium: 080079491
       + Japan: 00531160345

NB - if you need a number for a country not on that list, please
let me know.

Present: Trent Adams, Patrick Curry, Keith Dennis, Britta Glade,
Ian Glazer, Mark Lizar, Brett McDowell, Darrell Shull, Randy van
der Hoof, Robin Wilton
Apologies: Louise Bennett, Iain Henderson, Susan Landau, Toby
Stevens, Toshihiro Suzuki

RW - (1) Invited members to ensure they have read the [1]IPR
policy in force for P3WG and are comfortable with its
implications for their                contributions to the WG.
          (2) Ditto the [2]ISTO Anti-Trust Guidelines
Brett McDowell - Kantara's focus on Privacy and Policy is a key
part of its strategy for delivering full value from the
underlying technology interoperability work.
Patrick Curry - (1) P3WG work needs to address issues of
regulatory asymmetry, for example between the US and EU, between
different industry sectors, and between US Federal/State
                         (2) P3WG work needs to identify real
privacy/policy pressure points, perhaps by means of a survey or
by soliciting                               policymaker input.
(1) PC to help P3WG engage with policy-maker community
(2) RW, IG to arrange meeting with US VISIT program CPO at Burton
(3) Call for nominations to the posts of P3WG Chair and Vice
    - First stage: nominations (to Kantara staff email address -
staff at kantarainitiative dot org)
    - Second stage: secret ballot (process to be determined)


1. http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/download/attachments/2293776/Kantara+Initiative+IPR+Policies+_V1.1_.pdf?version=1
2. http://www.ieee-isto.org/pdf/ISTOAntitrustGuidelinesApproved081217.pdf
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