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Sadly, the government is so large and distributed that there is unlikely to
be an enumeration of where SAML-based authentication is being used in

That said, Peter Alterman who will be attending the session from the
government side is a very savvy guy who has been working across agencies for
years and will likely be able to point to some specific implementations of
SAML-based authentication of which he is aware.


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> More questions/observations:
> (i)  On page 6 of the Identity Scheme Adoption Process document that Robin
> sent out (written by USG) it says "One outcome of this move has been a
> transition away from a Federation model to an open model ..." Later that
> same page the document says, "The goals of ICAM include ... 3. Providing the
> capability to re-use credentials across applications, eliminating the need
> to create and maintain a credential system for each application; and ..."
> I think asking for a definition of "federation" is a very good idea.
> (ii) Do we know where the U.S. government is using SAML-based
> authentication?  It would be very useful to know various current uses.  Does
> anyone have an enumeration they can provide?
> Thanks.
> Susan
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