[WG-OTTO] Minutes SAML-Collaboration Call 2/9/18

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Fri Feb 9 22:16:50 UTC 2018

Keith's new draft for the SAML Vocab is here:

Mike's Comments on "SAML Identity Provider Endpoint"

1. Make property names camelCase with no spaces

2. Should "Expected Type" generally map to an XML element?

3. The Expected Type for the "UI metadata" property of the SAML Identity 
Provider Endpoint would be UIInfo, with reference in the description to

4. Keys: I think we should just bite the bullet, and use the XML here. 
We can't assume SAML people will publish JWKS_URI or provide a JWKS. 
Should this be instance or array of SAML metadata KeyDescriptor ?

5. Protocols: Is this saml version 1 or 2? "Protocols" could be 
misleading. Could it be "samlVersion" ?

6. Registrar: delete / derivable from Entity

7. "Identity Provider Binding". The equivalent SAML element would be 
"SingleSignOnService", for example:

What about something like this:
   "samlSsoRedirect":  "https://idp.acme.edu/SAML2/Redirect/SSO"

The SingleSignOnService "binding" attribute allows you to reference some 
pretty esoteric stuff, like who needs the 
"urn:mace:shibboleth:1.0:profiles:AuthnRequest" anymore? We should focus 
on the common use cases first anyway.

8. Missing NameIDFormat?


* We need to check if we can represent an actual SAML metadata file in 
OTTO, and then convert it back.
* Need to create context schema files and check into 

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