[WG-OTTO] OTTO minutes 4/5/17

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Wed Apr 5 21:25:18 CDT 2017


OTTO WG Minutes: 4/5/2017

## Voting Members Attending:
  - Mike Schwartz
  - Yuriy Zabrovarnyy
  - Meg Joshi
  - Judith Bush
  - Janusz Ulanowski

## Approve minutes

Minutes 8/3/16 minutes to 3/29/17 are approved!

## Schema

Should Metadata be a class, and perhaps we define specific types of
Metadata, and anyone can extend it for the information needed for
their protocol? Who is operating? Where is it registered? With
what Federation?

Short discussion on localization. OpenID Connect has a clever solution 
messages. See 
However, it only accounts for locaziation of the value, not the key of a 
data structure. Open Badge also provides an interesting model for 

For further reading, Judith referenced this acticle: Linked Data and 
Schema.org: Crossing the language chasm with terminological assets

The latest spec xml is checked in here:

We decided to break up Vocabulary and API's. It will make it more clear. 
the Core OTTO spec is going to focus on the core federation objects. 
applications can be handled as "Extensions." SAML and Open Badge support 
to mind first. And perhaps OpenID Connect should also be handled as an
extension too (versus in the Core?)

Note: Mike talked to Keith after the meeting, and he seems up for 
tackling the
SAML extension.

Should we reference schema.org as a default vocabulary? Section 4.2 of 
JSON-LD 1.1 spec explains how to do this:
It seems like we should. Open Badges does not, but then each property 
schema.org has to be referenced in their conte; for example, see:

We think including the schema.org context  makes sense for OTTO because 
give us re-use of common properties. For example, see the address 
property of
Organization: http://schema.org/Organization
That's something we are not going to add a lot of value defining, but 
Partipcants or Federations may want to use it.

The current Vocabulary draft spec says in the Introduction:

If properties are included  OTTO federation JSON that cannot be mapped 
the JSON-LD terms defined in the object's <spanx 
they are not considered part of the OTTO metadata's meaning.

The intent is that implementers can use Schema.org vocabulary, even if 
don't define it in our spec (like address).

We also discussed specifically the schema for Registration Authority.
Ironically, we sort of overlooked this Class because there is no 
API to create a RA, or to GET RA's. This entry should be returned
from the configuration endpoint.

After reviewing the schema, Judith suggested some changes which are
reflected in Github Commit

We also reviewed the diagrams from Judith. Mike agrees with the 
Simplified diagram:

The more detailed diagram needs some work, it didn't render right.

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