[WG-OTTO] comment to demo

Janusz Ulanowski janusz.ulanowski at heanet.ie
Wed Oct 5 13:16:55 CDT 2016

Apologies I missed part of the meeting.
I'm just exploring demo instance - very nice work!
*) About the namings:
- FederationsEntity - wouldn't be better to remove "Federations" part 
from that name or replace with something different like "Service" or so?
  It might be missleading because you may have just registered Entity 
which is no member of any Federation.

*) sample FederationEntity
I know it's draft so just my comments:
- 'category' - I think it should be array;
- missing registrar (registration aithority)
- missing registrationdate
- missing validUntil
- I think that it would be "nice to have" to set list of federations' 
identifiers the entity is member of


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